How Long Should I Run the Pool Pump for Each Day?

In ideal conditions, you should aim to run your pool pump for around 8 hours a day to ensure all the water gets circulated and filtered completely (turnover). This is because clean water is essential for maintaining a healthy and inviting pool.

However, there are some factors that can influence this number:

  • Pool size: Larger pools may require longer running times (up to 12 hours) to achieve turnover. Conversely, smaller above-ground pools might be okay with 6 hours.
  • Pump type: Variable speed pumps can be run for longer durations (around 12 hours) because they can adjust their speed to optimize efficiency. Single-speed pumps are less efficient and may not need to run that long.
  • Climate: During hotter weather, or when the pool is in heavy use, you might need to run the pump for longer to keep the water clean.

Here are some additional tips for running your pool pump:

  • You can split the runtime into multiple cycles throughout the day.
  • Consider running the pump during the cooler night hours to save on energy costs.
  • Consult your pool manual or a pool professional for specific recommendations based on your pool’s size and setup.

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