Water Fountains

Pond Fountain

A pond fountain is a water feature that can be installed in a pond to create a spray of water in various shapes and patterns. Pond fountains can have both aesthetic and functional benefits, such as improving the water quality, aeration, and health of the pond ecosystem. Pond fountains can also add beauty and tranquility to the landscape, as well as reduce mosquito breeding and algae growth. There are different types of pond fountains, such as floating fountains, aerating fountains, and fountain kits. Floating fountains are easy to install and can be moved around the pond. Aerating fountains are designed to increase the oxygen levels in the water and are suitable for larger and deeper ponds. Fountain kits are complete sets that include a pump, a nozzle, and a lighting system. To choose the best pond fountain for your pond, you should consider the size, shape, and depth of your pond, as well as your preferred spray pattern, height, and style. You should also measure the distance from the shore to the power source and select a fountain with the appropriate cord length. You can also add lights to your fountain to create a stunning nighttime display.


Cascading Fountain

A cascading fountain, also known as a water fountain, is a type of outdoor fountain that has water flowing down tiers of rocks or steps from the top to the bottom. Cascading fountains create a relaxing and natural atmosphere with the sound and sight of running water. They can also attract birds and other wildlife to the area. Cascading fountains can vary in size, shape, and design, depending on the preference and space of the owner.

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LED Fountains

LED fountains are water features that use LED lights to create colorful and dynamic effects. LED fountains can be installed in indoor or outdoor settings, such as pools, gardens, parks, or malls. LED fountains can have different types of nozzles, lights, and controls, depending on the desired design and function. Some examples of LED fountains are:

Glass Tiles

Waterfall fountains

These are small waterfalls that mimic the feel and appearance of real waterfalls. They can have LED lights along the edges or behind the water to create a glowing effect.


Sequencing nozzles

These are nozzles that can change the direction, height, and shape of the water jets. They can be synchronized with LED lights and music to create a musical fountain show.

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Laminar nozzles

These are nozzles that produce clear and smooth water jets that look like glass rods. They can have LED lights inside the nozzles to change the color of the water.

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Underwater luminaires

These are LED lights that are submerged in the water and can illuminate the water from below. They can have different colors, shapes, and modes to create various patterns and effects.

Floating Fountain

A floating fountain is a type of water feature that floats on the surface of a pond or lake and creates a spray of water in various patterns. Floating fountains are often used for decoration, aeration, and entertainment. They can be powered by electricity, solar energy, or batteries.

Free-Standing Fountain

A free-standing fountain is a type of water feature that can be installed in indoor or outdoor spaces. A free-standing fountain consists of a basin, a pump, a fountain head, and tubing. The pump circulates the water from the basin to the fountain head, where it sprays or flows out in various patterns. The water then returns to the basin, creating a continuous cycle. Free-standing fountains can be made of different materials, such as stone, metal, ceramic, or resin. They can also have different designs, such as tiered, spouting, cascading, or spheres. Free-standing fountains can add beauty, tranquility, and elegance to any space, as well as provide benefits such as humidifying the air, masking noise, and attracting birds and wildlife.

Spouting Fountain

A spouting fountain is a type of water fountain that shoots water into the air, creating a dramatic and impressive effect. Spouting fountains usually have a submersible pump that allows them to spray water with enough force and height. Spouting fountains can be placed in a body of water, such as a pond, pool, or lake, or they can have their own basin or reservoir. Spouting fountains can be designed in various shapes and styles, such as jets, geysers, columns, or sculptures. Spouting fountains are often used as focal points or attractions in gardens, parks, or public spaces.

Wall Fountains

A wall fountain is a type of fountain that is attached to a wall or built into it. Wall fountains can be used indoors or outdoors, and they create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere with the sound and sight of flowing water. Wall fountains can also add beauty and elegance to any space, as they come in various designs, materials, and sizes. Some wall fountains are simple and sleek, while others are ornate and artistic.

Garden Fountains

A garden fountain is a water feature that can enhance the beauty and tranquility of your outdoor space. A garden fountain can have different styles, shapes, sizes, and materials, depending on your preference and budget. Some common types of garden fountains are:

Tiered fountain

This is a classic design that features a series of basins stacked on top of each other, with water flowing from the highest to the lowest. Tiered fountains can create a soothing sound and a dramatic visual effect.

Wall fountain

This is a fountain that is attached to a wall or fence, with water spilling over a flat surface or a sculpted figure. Wall fountains can save space and add a touch of elegance to your garden.

Urn fountain

This is a fountain that consists of a large urn or pot, with water bubbling out of the top and cascading down the sides. Urn fountains can create a relaxing ambiance and a focal point in your garden.

Disappearing fountain

This is a fountain that has a hidden reservoir below the ground, where the water is collected and recirculated. Disappearing fountains can create a sense of mystery and magic, as well as reduce water loss and maintenance.

Rock fountain

This is a fountain that uses natural or artificial rocks, with water flowing over or through them. Rock fountains can create a natural and rustic look, as well as attract birds and wildlife to your garden.

Pool Fountains

A pool fountain is a water feature that shoots multiple streams of water up into the air, landing in your pool. Pool fountains can have different shapes, sizes, and patterns, depending on your preference and budget. Pool fountains can also provide some benefits, such as cooling the pool water, circulating the chemicals, and creating a relaxing sound.

Dry Fountains

A dry fountain is a type of fountain that consists of water jets that emerge from a flat surface, such as a pavement, a plaza, or a deck. Unlike traditional fountains, dry fountains do not have a visible pool of water, but rather a hidden reservoir underneath the surface. Dry fountains are popular attractions in urban areas, as they provide entertainment, cooling, and aesthetic appeal. They can also be enhanced with lights